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Female Entrepreneur for 25 years

Being a female entrepreneur for 25 years has been an exciting and challenging lifestyle and career choice. I’m now the Founder and CEO of The Room Xchange, an online marketplace that connects busy, households with a spare room with guests who provide an agreed amount of help in Xchange for food and accommodation. It’s a win-win and it’s changing the way people live.

I’m also the host of Xchange Revolution, which is a podcast show featuring luminaries who are changing how we live, work and play.

I have 25 years of business experience along with an abundance of life experiences. I love to share my stories of triumphs and tribulations especially about my journey of being a female entrepreneur. I can speak on your stage, live stream, podcast interview, TV show or contribute to an article for your blog or publication.

I started my business journey in 1995 when I produced and presented a series of television shows that were broadcast nationally on Optus Cable TV. I also produced innovative and creative video content for businesses in the retail and service industries.

Media Minds, was my next business venture. I was commissioned by Apple & Optus to design and deliver an educational media program for schools. For the next five years, my team and I ran media workshops in over 300 schools across Australia and I also delivered professional development workshops for teachers of media. (Not bad for a kid who left school at 15!)

Female Entrepreneur, CEO, Speaker, Tech Innovator, Author, Podcast Host & Artist

As the digital era came upon us, I was all in. I was one of the first B2B podcasters in 2010 and interviewed CEO’s of major corporations worldwide. I then wrote and self-published my first book titled ‘It’s That Easy – Online Marketing 3.0’. Combining my technological expertise and business acumen, I then provided advisory services to businesses assisting them in developing their brand online.

Ten years ago I had the biggest battle of my life with kidney cancer. Without any warning, at the age of 44 I was diagnosed with a 14cm tumor on my kidney. Thankfully, I won that battle which has provided me with a library of stories that I like to share on resilience, working through challenging times and surviving a near death experience.

Today, I’m a keen investor in new and emerging technologies and I’m passionate about disruptive market leadership. I’m a published author, podcast host, wife of 28 years and mother to my two adult children who are in their late 20’s.

As the founder and CEO of The Room Xchange, I initially self funded the company and raised $600K in my seed round. The company’s focus for 2020 is growth with the goal of entering a global market.

When I’m relaxing, you’ll find me in my art studio creating abstract paintings in oil and acrylic and mixed media portraits, in my kitchen cooking or playing my guitar. I’m a homebody at heart; a nurturer by nature.

You can download find out more about me and download my PR Kit on my Speakers Page.

Published Author

Co-author – ‘Raw’
My chapter is titled:
“Resilience – A Well Oiled Machine”

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In July 2020 I was published in this compilation book by Business in Heels. I, along with 8 other writers, contributed a chapter titled ‘Resilience – A Well Oiled Machine’. In my chapter I discuss how I build up my resilience muscle in my personal and professional life. I talk about my cancer journey along with how I stay resilient as a leader and CEO of The Room Xchange.

A little about the book

The world doesn’t owe us perfection and nor does it owe us eternal youth. That’s just not how it works.

Here are a few other things the world doesn’t owe us…
Shame, Guilt, Ridicule, Poverty, Horror, Impotence, Violence, Fear. Nonetheless, it seems we get an (un?)healthy dose of those sometimes too. Mostly, it’s not a case of if… it’s when. And while you can surround yourself with positive and like-minded people to help you through, when all is said and done, it’s those lonely hours between 2 am and 4 am when we often find ourselves facing our demons.

This book is not some panacea that will take all your ills away. Life isn’t like that. At best, it might be one step on your personal journey and it may help you deal with some of those things the world doesn’t owe you. Better still, it may help you avoid them. Or, maybe you’ll find your own meaning…

Female Entrepreneur Ludwina Dautovic Author Online Marketing

Self-published book with 18 contributing authors (No longer in print)

Collaborating with 17 online marketing and business specialists from all over the world, in 2013 I produced and self-published It’s That Easy:  Online Marketing 3.0, a unique resource for business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs looking for practical and valuable advice on how to better connect and engage with their market online.

Contributors to It’s That Easy: Online Marketing 3.0 include internationally acclaimed experts such as: Chris Adams,  former producer of the reality TV show “Facebook Diaries,” Chief Vision Officer for “Participant Media” and Entertainment Business Development Executive for Amazon.com, along with Melanie Summer, founder of Flashfotos and 2010 Telstra Small Business of the Year Winner. 

The foreword is written by the business man often described as Australia’s own Richard Branson: internationally awarded entrepreneur, author and marketer Pete Williams.

With 18 chapters spread over 300 pages, the book provides insightful advice on how entrepreneurs can use social media and the internet to generate revenue, maintain customer relations and better connect and engage with their market online. 

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