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Beanstalk Podcast – Interview with Ludwina Dautovic


Being a mother is hard enough even with the support of a partner. Doing it on your own is double the work, leaving no time for yourself. Not everyone has the support of family members or grandparents to help them out. Yet, you might have a resource already available that could give you two hours a day back in your life. Interested? Read on…

Lucy Good, host of Beanstalkmums podcast, and I had a chat about how The Room Xchange can help single mothers get the help they need.

Single mums have a lot to deal with managing work and family on their own.

But if you have a spare bedroom that’s empty, it could be your saving grace.

You could get some help around the home, with the kids or with a particular project.

In this podcast Lucy and I talk about how The Room Xchange can help you.  It’s an online platform that connects busy households with a spare bedroom with guests who provide an agreed amount of help in Xchange for food and accommodation.

Find out how it all works, how you can become a host finally get the help you need.

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