Ludwina Dautovic Fernwood Podcast 3

Fernwood Founder Diana Williams Interviews Ludwina Dautovic

Ludwina Dautovic with @Fernwood #WomenSupportingWomen podcast. Life of a female entrepreneur: startups, significant moments, success & stellar recommendations. Interviewed by @Diana Williams.

Women Supporting Women podcast, is produced by Fernwood Fitness. If you’re a woman in business or a budding entrepreneur looking for insightful business tips, their latest podcast will be a treat.

Fernwood Fitness founder, and business powerhouse Di Williams is interviewing me on my journey as a female entrepreneur. The beautiful thing about this particular interview, is that about ten years ago when I produced my first podcast show, Di was one of my first guests. So it’s an honour to be in the guest seat and have Di enquire about my experiences founding and leading The Room Xchange along with other interesting business insights.

Dianna Williams and Ludwina Dautovic Fernwood Podcast

Here’s what Fernwood had to say about the interview

“Pragmatic – Ludwina’s approach to business is often defined by logic: what do people want or need that they don’t have? And if they can’t get what they want or need, why not create it yourself? If you’re a budding female entrepreneur and you’re looking for some stellar recommendations, listen in as Ludwina and Di delve into business, success, resilience and more. As a seasoned woman in business, we chat to Ludwina about what defines success, and polishing those lightbulb ideas to help them shine. She says if three people remark that they like your idea, then you’re probably onto something.”

I’m so grateful to Di for taking the time to have this conversation with me.

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