Meaningful Discourse and the Art of Conversation

Meaningful DiscourseCommunication of thought by words; talk; conversation: earnest and intelligent discourse. a formal discussion of a subject in speech or writing, as a dissertation, treatise, sermon, etc. … any unit of connected speech or writing longer than a sentence.

I love a good conversation. Give me the company of a good conversationalist and I’m in ‘Ludwina heaven’. I think that’s why I love podcasting so much. Being able to go back and forth on ideas, listening to differing points of view and being challenged on my own thinking is rewarding. I think we’re losing that. People can be so afraid of speaking their mind and running the risk of being ‘cancelled out’ that they don’t say anything. Or, the opposite happens; people don’t filter what they say and run the risk of greatly offending. We need to find a middle ground.

One of the many joys that I’ve shared with my family over the years, is sitting around the candle-lit dinner table and talking. My dinner table has had many a meaningful discourse on a variety of topics, with many different people from all walks of life. 

My Thoughts

I’ve always wanted my own blog where I can share my thoughts on business, life and creativity. This blog has come about my accident. I initially decided this website would be just for my art, but then I realised it was an opportunity to express my thoughts and have a meaningful discourse with you.

I’m a seeker of wisdom and truth. I want to be part of the change that our country needs even if it’s in some small way. I’m constantly seeking change in my own life and I embrace the challenges that come along with those changes. But the only way that change can occur is if we have good conversations and talk about them with respect and curiosity.

I have a diverse background

I’m full of diversity and understand differing points of view. I’m 54, a woman of colour, an artist, speaker, writer, podcaster, investor, woman in tech, investor backed CEO and Founder. My company, The Room Xchange, is a platform that is changing the way people live by using resources that already exist – time and spare bedrooms. It’s my hope that through my company, we can have a more meaningful discourse around dinner tables in millions of homes around the world. Wouldn’t that be great?

What would you like to hear from me?

If there is a topic you’d like me to write on please leave a comment below. If you have some thoughts on the ideas I share, I welcome you to comment on that post so we can learn from each other.

Let’s improve the art of conversation so together, we can grow and change the world one conversation at a time.

Big hugs,
Ludwina x’

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