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Australian Homes have Started to Absorb Functions of a Civic Nature

Welcome to Xchange Revolution. In this episode we’re talking about the future of housing in Australia. Ian Nazareth is an Architect, researcher and Program Director – Master of Urban Design at RMIT University in Melbourne. Ian is also the Director of TRAFFIC an emerging collaborative design and research practice working across architecture and urbanism. He contributes extensively to architectural media and critical design discourse locally and internationally.
We discuss the re-imagining of our cities and the restructuring of existing housing. We also talk about the impact of covid on housing and how it’s changing the way we live, work and play in our homes.

“Australian homes have started to absorb functions of a civic nature.” on Xchange Revolution Podcast.


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In this episode we discuss:

  •  Urbanism
  • Poor infrastructure and public transport as a result of the urban sprawl
  • Egalitarianism (own your own place) has pushed the urban sprawl
  • Covid has more people working from home – home office
  • Reassessment of the need to have real estate for business operations
  • Staged out working hours will change how we live
  • Localisation – connecting on a local level
  • Mini living and the strains of density
  • Australian homes have over time started to absorb functions of a civic nature
  • Home has become the fulcrum of all activities – the office, café, entertainment hub and the gym
  • Reimagining the design and distribution of furniture as a result of covid
  • We can now produce energy without a grid
  • We’ll see more satellite cities
  • Central Activity Districts to take some of the pressure off the Central Business District
  • The Room Xchange is about utilising what we already have which can minimise negative housing effects
  • Peer to peer economy and housing is flourishing
  • Rent and mortgage stress – long term affect will make parts of their houses available for various reasons for rent or benefit of services
  • Ageing demographic – research on financial implications. 
  • Sharing of facilities of resources and rooms is another option to aged care facilities
  • Downsizing is not always an option as the local community has lifelong ties
  • Millennials and the future of housing

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