Jamie Turner on Xchange Revolution with Ludwina Dautovic

Jamie Turner and Ludwina Dautovic – Moving Towards Discomfort Expands Your World

Bianca Cefalo is the epitomy of what’s possible as a woman. There are no limits with this woman; only opportunities. If you’re a woman looking to push the boundaries, listen to this one.

Bianca Cefalo  is The Accidental Rocket Scientist.
Bianca and I talk about the benefits of space exploration, how much rely on it and how it’s changing how we live, work and play.

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  • 4.33 – Bianca’s story of how she became the accidental rocket scientist
  • 5.20 – I love the oily engines and working with cars
  • 8.30 – How Bianca had to deal with sexism and judgment in the industry 
  • 11.59 – Benefits of space travel and what it provides us
  • 14.09 – No one would ever believe that posting on Facebook, or using an app or watching Netflix would be rocket science
  • 15.13 – The benefits of rocket science
  • 15.54 – The age of exploration – how the world was discovered
  • 17.01 – Can we live on Mars? Are there resources we can use?
  • 19.06 – Space exploration isn’t as expensive as we think. Bianca compares the cost of professional football to space travel costs
  • 20.19 – Rocket scientists looking like our daughters will become the norm
  • 22.28 – Space for Women – Gender equality for women and girls in stem
  • 25.00 – Gender should not be part of the conversation
  • 26.30 – Don’t miss Biana’s answer to my question – ‘What are you doing that is changing how you live, work or play?’
  • 30.28 – Space for Women show online every Saturday


Bianca Cefalo is a Space Systems Thermal Product Manager who enables Airbus Defense and Space UK to create and implement disruptive thermal management solutions for Next Generation Telecommunication Spacecraft.After nearly a decade spent designing, simulating and qualifying innovative technologies that span from the Automotive to the Space industry, Bianca has learned that – in light of the ever shifting Global Geopolitical, Economic and Ethical landscapes – what truly protects market competitiveness for any business is the ability to consistently entrust change, diverse communication and creative thinking at multiple human and organizational levels.

Since 2013 Bianca has been supporting Thermal Engineering and R&D communities across Berlin and London, contributing to the delivery of several Science and Commercial Telecoms Missions sponsored by NASA, ESA, DLR, UKSA and EU – including HP3 instrument embarked on the NASA/JPL InSight Mars Mission.
Bianca holds a degree in Aerospace and Astronautical Engineering from the University of Naples ‘Federico II’.

At present, Bianca is cherishing every single minute in her Rocket Scientist suite and – as STEM Ambassador and Committee Member of the ‘Women’s Engineering Society’ London and ‘Women in Aerospace’ Europe – she is ultimately pursuing her utmost heartfelt quest: inspiring young girls to become future fierce leaders in STEM industries. 


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