Kizzi Nkwocha on Xchange Revolution with Ludwina Dautovic

Publisher Kizzi Nkwocha and Ludwina Dautovic – Time to Write a Book

Welcome to Xchange Revolution. Saving money and getting the best deal is in the forefront of everyone’s mind right now. So In this episode Ludwina Dautovic, Founder and CEO of The Room Xchange, is talking to Kizzi Nkwocha, publisher of multiple online magazines and over 200 books.

In the episode we discuss the changes in the publishing industry and perhaps it’s time you write your book or paint that masterpiece!

As Kizzi says, “Get Ready for a Literary and Artistic Explosion!”.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Got a book in you?
  • Kizzi’s latest book is called ‘How to Run a Business in Times of Crisis’ helping people run a business and stay mentally agile while working from home.
  • Are you reading more?
  • Book sales are skyrocketing
  • BC – Before covid and now we’re on the brink of change
  • Is it time to write your book?
  • You’ve been given the time; you should take it.
  • What to consider when writing your book
  • Are you are a book reader or book listener?
  • We’re going to see a huge explosion in terms of literary and artistic content.
  • What is Kizzi doing that’s changing how he lives.

About Kizzi Nkwocha

Kizzi Nkwocha is the publisher of Business Game Changer Magazine, Money and Finance,The UK Newspaper, The Property Investor and The Sussex Newspaper.  He is also the chair of The Ethical Publishers Association.  

Kizzi made his mark in the UK as a publicist, journalist and social media pioneer.  As a widely respected and successful media consultant he has represented a diverse range of clients including the King of Uganda, and Amnesty International.  

Kizzi has also become a well-known personality on both radio and television. He has been the focus of a Channel 4 documentary on publicity and has hosted his own talk show, London Line, on Sky TV.  He has also produced and presented both radio and TV shows in Cyprus and Spain. Kizzi presents the business podcast shows, Kizzi’s Friday Game Changers and The Naked Property Investor.

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