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Gilles Marini Portrait by Ludwina Dautovic

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Larger than life portrait created with my own texture paste and 3d modelled on the canvas. It was then painted with acrylic paint and alcohol ink in monochromatic values.

If you’re a fan of the movie ‘Sex and the City’ then you’ll love to have this one hanging in your home. Remember the sexy shower scene with the hunky European man next door to Samantha’s house? Well… this is he. Gillies is a beautiful human being both inside as well as out. I find him very inspiring. He came to the USA from Europe not speaking the language. He started his career as a model and then made his way into acting. He’s been in a number of shows I’ve watched over the years such as ‘Switched at Birth’ and ‘Brothers and Sisters‘. He was recently in two seasons of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and it’s certainly worth watching him dance! He’s also a huge supporter of gay rights and raises money for AIDs awareness. He has a lovely family who he adores and is an all round nice guy. Oh… his has incredible facial features which were a delight to paint.

Gilles on social media: You can connect with Gilles Marini on Instagram and Facebook.

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I’m happy to discuss any commissions of this style of art. If you’d like to discuss a commission, please email me.

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