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Interconnected is an acrylic painting on a large canvas. Every point of the painting connects with another. Much like the moments in our lives. I especially love the colour palette. It’s been a favourite of mine lately.
This painting actually began as a bunch of charcoal lines on the canvas. As I worked on it, I began to see the shapes form. Once I did, the colours began and here we are. The straight lines are hand painted. It took me hours to get those neat edges.
Dimensions: 90cm x 3cm x 90cm
Ready to hang.
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The artwork is very carefully protected with waxed paper, wrapped with multiple layers of bubble wrap then boxed in cardboard.

I’m happy to discuss any commissions of this style of art with colours of your choice. If you’d like to discuss a commission, please email me –

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Dimensions 90 × 3 × 90 cm


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