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Get a woman's point of view on business and tech for your event, panel or podcast

I have been speaking and presenting on stage or in front of a camera for 20+ years including running 100’s of tech and media workshops in schools across Australia, TV presenter and producer of ‘Straight Talk’, hosted women’s events across Australia for 5 years, interviewed 200 plus guests on my podcast shows, have been interviewed multiple times in the media, been published numerous times in magazines, print and digital, produced and presented video training workshops, run training and facilitation of teams, and I currently lead an executive team and staff remotely for The Room Xchange.

I love sharing a woman’s point of view on business and tech. I love communicating. Crafting a good message and being able to deliver it in a way that relates to the audience is something I pride myself in. I am open to sharing my personal experiences openly and candidly. A good story well told is a story that will always be remembered. You can download my press and speakers kit here.

Current Topics

  • Women in Tech 
  • Leading with Strength and Grace
  • The Best Idea can be Right Under Your Nose!
  • Naivety is a Founders Best Gift
  • Surviving Kidney Cancer
  • Building Your Resilience Muscle
  • Innovative Capital Raising from a Woman’s Point of View
  • Building your creative outlet
  • What level of friction are you willing to take on?

Previous Topics

  •  Women in ICT and Digital and Digital Leadership Summit Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre – Speaker
  • Sharing Economy and Tourism SA Convention Centre – Speaker
  • Social Tech Entrepreneurs – Panel
  • ColourFULL Women – Entrepreneur Panel
  • Women Taking the Lead WCEI – Tech Panel
  • Something from Nothing – Tech Panel
  • Online Retailers Roadshow – Brisbane and Perth Convention Centres – Speaker
  • Booked for the Women in ICT Summit NZ in 2021 – Chair, Speaker & Pane

Interesting bits of info...


  • I’m 54 – born 1966
  • Half Indian and half Dutch
  • I was born when there was still a white policy in place in Australia
  • Left school at 15 and left home at 16
  • I grew up with fundamentalist religious parents
  • I decided to live an alcohol free life in 2018
  • I’m primarily a plant based eater
  • I’m 10 years cancer free
  • I’ve been married for 28 years and we still like each other a lot 
  • Raised two adult children – 25 and 28
  • I’m a completely self taught entrepreneur/business woman/tech builder
  • I journal a lot!
  • I realised at the age of 50 I’m an artist and now sell my work on this website
  • I’m a huge supporter of the LGBTQ community


  • I’m the founder and CEO of The Room Xchange
  • I’ve never had a day job
  • Been an entrepreneur for 25 years
  • I’ve a HUGE tech geek!
  • I was one of the first B2B podcasters in Australia in 2010
  • I once founded and ran Australia’s 3rd largest women’s events company called ‘The Red Tent Woman’
  • I’ve won a number of business awards
  • Been listed in Who’s Who of Australian Women 4 times
  • I’ve successfully raised capital for The Room Xchange and also helped raise capital for two other companies I’ve invested in
  • I’ve invested in five tech companies
  • I love that by growing my company I get to help people at the same time
  • My professional goal is to scale up The Room Xchange to a global market
  • My greatest professional challenge and biggest learning time has been in the last three years building my company
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