Sydney Property Insider – Interview with Ludwina Dautovic

I was invited on a great podcast called Sydney Property Insider with Michelle May. Michelle is such a wonderful person and knows a lot about the Sydney property market. 

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The Sydney property market is the most expensive in Australia. There are massive challenges around housing affordability and accessibility and it doesn’t look like easing up anytime soon. With the urban sprawl being so vast, many people are travelling too and from the city with major commute times as inner city housing is too far out of their reach. 

Middle class households have huge mortgages, are working long hours and have very little personal time. We discuss these topics and more.

Key points in this episode:

  • How we can better use the space we have in our homes
  • We have the most amount of square meter space in our homes
  • How The Room Xchange began
  • Loneliness is a health epidemic with an increased ageing population
  • How to get set up as a host or a guest
  • You can change the way you live
  • We have to redesign how we live
  • Sandwich generation stuck in between their ageing parents and their children
  • It’s essentially a matchmaking service for homes and people
  • Let’s look at houses from a community perspective as opposed to isolating each other
  • Sustainable living and build a community around you
  • You can Xchange short or long term
  • How to manage expectations
  • We have a framework to help you work out an Xchange that works for you
  • Available across Australia
  • Registrations in 45 countries
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  • Listen to our podcast at:

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