Trent Oeljten and Ludwina Dautovic

Leading the Next Generation of Baseball with Major League Player – Trent Oeltjen

Listen to Major Leaguer Trent Oltjen talk about how he works through challenges and builds resilience in times of adversity. Much like what many of us are going through right now. In this week’s episode I wanted to bring on a guest who could inspire and encourage us during this difficult time. Trent is a recently retired Major Leaguer and World Professional Baseball Player and Silver Medal Winner at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. He’s now committed to leading the next generation of baseball players in Australia to help them fulfil their dreams. Trent and I delved into a deep conversation about how he worked through some difficult times in his sporting life, his mindset around things he wants to achieve and how he’s pivoting his business and life to fit into the new world post Coronavirus.

This is a great conversation; it’s one you don’t want to miss.

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In this episode we talk about:

  • Trents baseball career from a child through to today
  • A major injury at 15 and how he mentally and physically worked through it
  • Playing in the major leagues and the Athens Olympic Games
  • Retiring in his 30’s and finding his path to the next phase in his life
  • How he decided to become an Ultra Marathon Runner
  • His passion for leading the next generation of young baseball players in Australia through NxtGen Baseball
  • Most importantly, Trent shares how we works through challenges in life and how he believes that the growth is in the friction
  • How Trent is changing the way he lives, works and plays

About Trent Oeltjen

Recently retired Major Leaguer and World professional baseball player; Trent Oeltjen co-founded NxtGen with the goal of making a positive difference in the lives of aspiring young ball players and their families along their journey to achieving their baseball dreams. From the World Baseball Classic to winning a silver medal in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games to succeeding in the Major Leagues you name it, Trent has achieved it! Trent is one of Australia’s most celebrated baseball players with a professional career spanning 14 years. Trent played Major League Baseball for the LA Dodgers 2010-2012; Arizona Diamondbacks in 2009 as well as represented Team Australia at numerous international events, including winning a Silver Medal at the 2004 Athens Olympics and The World Baseball Classics, which he hit .500 and led his team to wins over top teams likeTeam Mexico.

Trent has first hand knowledge and experience of what it’s like to be in your shoes and what it takes to not only reach the pinnacle of the game but remain there over a sustained period of time. Trent believes one of his biggest assets along his journey to reaching and expanding his full potential was the team he surrounded himself with. Trent’s unparalleled passion and aptitude to help other athletes fulfil their dreams and reach their true potential is what lead to the creation of NxtGen Baseball.

Contact Details for Trent Oeltjen

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